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構造:鉄骨造 地上1階塔屋1階 







A luxury car warship that suddenly appears in the midst of everyday life  


This is a plan for an automobile showroom in Sapporo, which will house luxury brands of Italian cars such as Ferrari, Fiat, Alfaromeo, and Maserati, and will be built alongside the elevated Sapporo New Road. The back area and the common corridor are concentrated on the rear side of the building. Each brand is integrated by the longitudinal elevation with a white minimalist box frame. The aluminum silver banner sign, the wind shelter to control the thermal environment of the snowy region, and the display showing the exhibition vehicles and interior space are three elements that attempt to divide the building in height direction without deviating from the physical scale of the surrounding buildings and the region. As necessary facility planning for buildings in snowy regions, we verified the extent of road heating equipment and the prevention of cold drafts by floor heating equipment to ensure the comfort of the thermal environment in the exhibition space with its large air volume. The snow-melting equipment on the flat roof and the parapet with sharply angled metal panel frames to prevent snow from falling on the building's exterior have created an extremely flat appearance with no unnecessary detailing. 

Multi Brand Car Showroom in Sapporo


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