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構造:鉄筋コンクリート造 地上4階建(2階部分)







Fukuoka Tenjin Orthodontic clinic







Quiet clinic space with unified materials  


This orthodontic clinic is located in Kego, a quiet residential area in Fukuoka City. The second floor of the building has a long and narrow frontage to the street, and the signage is made of white, which is at odds with the themes of high quality and visibility from the street. The logo is designed to give a sense of presence due to the large volume of the sign. The reception area of a dental clinic usually consists of a counter and waiting chairs, but since the entrance up the stairs is a narrow space, a "reception area without a counter" was created by placing only a wide table in the center, instead of a counter, to welcome visitors in a wide and large space. By eliminating clerical elements and lowering the illumination level, we intended to maintain a sense of calmness and distinguish ourselves from other clinics.


The tranquil clinic space, which expresses the specialty of orthodontics, is finished mainly with wood cement board and birch wood flooring. The space is rich with an 8-meter opening to the south, and the olive tree underfoot provides a moderate degree of privacy. By using the same materials for the storage, we tried to create a tranquil state by omitting visible components as much as possible. We hope that this clinic will be loved by the town as a dental clinic where people look forward to receiving treatment.

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