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A living space with propeller-like thrust  


This is a renovation of a room in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. The client wanted to live in a calm space that maintained a reasonable degree of privacy for each of the residents as their children grew up and adapted to the rhythm of their lives. First, the existing 2LDK floor plan was not changed much, but only the functions of daily life were changed, and secondly, a 4.8m x 6.0m space on the south side of the house was renovated to allow the full width of the balcony to be used for lighting. Then, to bring in the full width of the balcony's lighting in the 4.8m x 6.0m space on the south side, a gradual division of the various rooms was attempted based on the "diagonal line" drawn from the front door.  The "line", which is 1.90m high and separated from the ceiling, is cut in the part that serves as a line of flow, bent in the part that contains the function, and made into a revolving door in the part that changes the use of the children's room and the state of the room at different times. The revolving door is made to act as a "furniture-like element," giving it multiple properties as if it were in charge of everything at the center of the space.  The kitchen work table and storage are placed in the center of the corridor, and the kitchen, which can be passed through, connects the entrance and LD as a "corridor". It is as if each function and space is caught up in the centrifugal force of a propeller, and the children naturally walk around, stop exercising, and can now choose where they want to concentrate, or when all the family members' movements synchronize and converge, everyone can naturally gather together. In this way, a free and united living space was created in which each person can spend time with a moderate degree of independence.






テキスタイルデザイン:安東陽子デザイン  安東陽子、山口かすみ


写真:大倉英揮 / Kurome Photo Studio  


受賞:Jack全国リフォームアイデアコンテスト 審査員賞  



relife+ (リライフプラス) vol.45(別冊 住まいの設計)

アーキテクチャーフォト ​   


テクチャーマガジン(tecture mag)

cowcamo MAGAZINE

House with thrust
​O邸 まわる住まい

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