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構造:地上1階部分 改修




東京・芝浦の歯科クリニックである。芝浦の埋立地の型と架けられた橋によって現れた特徴のある五叉路に面し、前面道路と雁行するバルコニーが印象的な集合住宅の一階に位置する。「重厚感のある外壁を逆手にとり待合空間をまちに投げ出す」ことを考えた。室内のいくつもの要素が外部環境と関わりを持つように設え、まちで生活する延長上にあるクリニックを目指した。五叉路の多面的な様相を壁の多方向性で受け止める待合空間の平面形状はどこから見ても行き止まりを感じずそれぞれの諸室につながる。外壁のレンガタイルの表情を抽象化した吹付塗装の壁を室内へぐるりと引き込み内部を外に投げ出すことでクリニックは日常の風景の一部となる。また周縁との関係性を丁寧に築く要素をフィールドワークにより見つけた。床は車道のアス ファルトを引き込むグレー色を、待合ベンチは歩道の舗装や景観色を用いレ クチャー時は分割して使うことができる。“閉じず”にそうした “まちとの関わりしろ”を持つ意思をデザインにより提示することがデンタルクリニックという用途が潜在的に持つ内向性への一つの問題提起だと捉え、多面性はその中和材として振る舞っている。

This is a dental clinic in Shibaura, Tokyo. The clinic is located on the first floor of a residential complex with an impressive balcony that runs in a wild goose chase with the road in front, facing a distinctive five-way intersection created by a reclaimed land pattern and a bridge built in Shibaura. The idea was to use the massive exterior wall as a counterpoint to the waiting space, which would be thrown out into the street. The clinic was designed to be an extension of life in the town, with the interior elements interacting with the external environment. The flat shape of the waiting area, with its multidirectional walls that take in the multifaceted aspect of the five-way street, leads to each of the various rooms without feeling like a dead end, no matter which way you look at it. The clinic becomes a part of the everyday landscape by drawing the interior into the exterior through a spray-painted wall that abstracts the appearance of the brick tiles on the exterior. Fieldwork was conducted to find elements that carefully build a relationship with the surrounding area. The floor is a gray color that draws in the asphalt of the roadway, and the waiting benches are the color of the sidewalk pavement and landscape, so that they can be divided for use during lectures. The design of the building is intended to present the intention to have a “relationship with the town” without being “closed”, which is one of the issues raised by the potential introversion of the dental clinic, and the multifaceted nature of the building is intended to act as a neutralizer. The multifaceted nature of the building acts as a neutralizer. 

Kuraha Dental Office

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