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Sculpturality coexisting in a space of beauty and art  


Located a little north of Daikanyama, this beauty salon is near Saigoyama Park. The ground floor facing the street is a lobby space with a gallery that holds irregular exhibitions of works by overseas artists and street culture selected by the owner's own aesthetic eye, and the hair salon is located on the upper floor. Although it has only been open for a short period of time, the salon has already produced a variety of unique exhibitions, as if drawn by the characters of the people who run the salon and the space it occupies. While maintaining the basic form of a typical wooden house, the structural walls and floor plan have been renovated and extended over the years, and the salon has been updated to a beauty salon format by adding fixtures and functions to the structure without making major changes. While considering the latent sculptural quality in the act of "haircutting," we dared to express straightforward forms in the gallery and fixtures on the set surfaces, and created a texture like that of stone by repeatedly painting and polishing these surfaces. The space was designed to give visitors a sense of intimacy and enjoyment, just as they saw it. The "waiting space," a function that has always been in a "competing" relationship with the number of set surfaces, was given the additional characteristic of a "gallery. Movable fixtures, rotating fittings, and dimmable lighting fixtures were introduced to make the space behave in a variable manner depending on the time of day and how the space is used. A flexible space that responds to the sensibilities of the people running the salon has emerged, breaking away from the formulaic salon bound by area and function. 

SAL Hair Salon Daikanyama
SAL Hair Salon 代官山

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